Hello 2016!

new-year-2016Happy New Year!!!  Life got so busy at the end of 2015 – I was totally focused on trying to close out my year strong, and demands from work and family preceded my time here in my blog diary.  But it is now officially well into 2016 and as I get going on this new year, like everyone else my thoughts turn to what my goals are for 2016.

635874455817265170-1024877759_digital-tablet-2016-goals-1Someone I know once said that he takes the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off and uses that time entirely for planning  for the New Year.

That is such an awesome idea and I had visions of it myself this time, but I was so busy selling real estate, I found I couldn’t take the time off.  And that flub in my plans has me thinking today about how easy it is to get derailed from your goals because of a bad day or a setback in the plan.

Do you know what I mean?    You plan to start a new diet on Monday and then, come Monday, you have a series of little emergencies and crises that send you scurrying off in ten different directions all at one time, and you find yourself grabbing whatever is at hand to eat quickly, as you try to keep up with an insane day.  So by the end of the day, you’ve gotten over-hungry because of poor nutrition and you eat some of your favorite comfort foods to help deflect the feelings from a bad day and – just like that – your plan to start the diet was thrown completely off course.  

“Soooooo, hmmm.  What to do?  Screeeaaaam – I’ll just start next Monday!”  And you continue the week, making poor food choices and not getting started on your plan, till the same thing happens again next Monday and on and on you go.  Sound familiar?  God knows, I have been there!!!

Giving-Up-On-a-Goal-Setback-Is-Like-Slashing-your-Other-3-Tires-Because-You-Got-a-Flat-150x150.pngOf course the first mistake made was planning to get going on Monday without being prepared.  Having set a goal, making a plan to go along with it and preparing is key if you are serious about it.  It’s that age-old saying:  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Had you planned and prepared, you could have had a bunch of meals and snacks ready in your fridge to just grab and go.

The second mistake is deciding that since you had a setback in your goal – you’ll just postpone it. Hey! Haven’t you heard Nike and Shia LaBeouf:  ‘Just do it!’  

If you didn’t get going on Monday, get going on Tuesday.  There is no time like the present to get going with your dreams.  A dream with a deadline is a goal and a start date makes a plan.

So, here I am on this Friday, the 8th day of the new year, realizing I didn’t get to write down my goals and make a plan and – Oh my gosh, where does that leave me for the new year?  Is my year going to be totally unfocused as result?  So much time has passed already – how can I get caught up now?  I have work appointments all weekend, when will I find the time?  Oh NOOOOOOO.   

roll eyes        zzzzsmiley

LOL  The ONE good thing is that I am able to stick a pin right now and have a little reality check moment with myself.


Enough of the drama – JUST DO IT!

9f026eb501c371e8bd21d226493347adSo, my first course of action – a tool I learned from Franklin Covey many, many years ago – is to look at the different roles I play in my life and set goals for each one individually.  For example, here is a list of the roles I play:

  • God-Follower/Daughter of God
  • Wife
  • Daughter/Sister/Friend
  • Realtor
  • Self

I put that in order of priority in my life, because it is super important to know what matters most in life, when setting goals, making a plan and planning a year, month and/or day.  You set your tasks according to priority – what matters most.

That means I have things to tackle first, for example, like letting my husband/business partner know that there will be certain times blocked out of my schedule for Quiet Time, Bible Study Groups, Serving at Church, and a new one I am super excited about that is a blend of my God-Follower and Friend roles – Coffee Dates with my Jesus Girls.

I have to get those things written – in ink – into my calendar with him from now, so that when the time comes that it conflicts with something he thinks is more important, he will already know it is nearly unchangeable.  I say nearly because wisdom directs that there may be times when I may need to be flexible and compromise.

Part of the role-development process is to determine who your role interacts with and how – that helps to develop the things you want to work on to be more effective in that role or gain more joy, pleasure, growth and impact from it or in it – that is your ‘goal.’

So that is the next step – developing goals for each role.

When you are working on the goals – make sure you have a WHY.  WHY is this goal important to you?  How will it change, benefit or improve your role/relationship?

Understanding your WHY is critical for you to emotionally commit and invest in the goal.

Like any good business plan – you need to determine what your opportunities and obstacles are – what are the opportunities in front of you to go after your goal, and what are the obstacles that may keep you from it.  Plan to deal with these things so that you can be prepared.

Then develop your plan – what are the steps you need to take to meet your goals – yearly, monthly and daily.  Put them on a calendar.  Your goals have to be S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

I am pretty certain none of this is new to any of us – it’s the same system we’ve all been taught time and time again and we either implement it or we don’t.

7b8843d3f6ecec481f279dafe038d928Well, this year, I am going to implement it and I am going to stick to it.  I have never been more ready to make this change and make this stick in my life.

So, as we go through the year, I plan to share about this process and my progress.  Something critical I have learned is that we have to be accountable in order to have success in meeting our goals and targets.

So – I will work on my plan over this weekend, despite a super-hectic work schedule.  I have two Open Houses this weekend, a client in town from out of state, commitments at Church and my regular meal planning and preparation, home-care and so on to take care of.

But because I am pretty clear on my WHY I want to get this done this weekend, I will make the time.  And I am giving myself a deadline to be accountable for it.  Putting this post out there to you guys is one way I am doing that.  I am also making a firm appointment today with my Managing Broker for next week, for example, to go over my business plan for the year.  #Accountable

I hope this helps encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t already done it, and I hope you’ll share with me too and that we can help encourage each other to keep going.  After all  – we rise by lifting others, so if each one help one – we all win.

CBGICANOne thing that confirms to me that it is not too late, but rather, is right on time and that too much time in this year has not yet passed, is that this weekend, we launch a new series at my church – Church by the Glades – called  ‘I Can’.    It’s the perfect time to get my goals clear and center, develop a plan and focus on a teaching on the #truth that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Philippians 4: 13

I would love to invite you to join us through this awesome series of teachings – what better way to help strengthen and solidify your plan to make 2016 the year you strive hardest towards your goals and the year you meet them!  Our weekend services are available online here or you can watch the service online on the website.

If you are planning to attend a live service, can you let me know?  If I can meet you and get you a cup of coffee and welcome you, I would love that!

jesus freakThe last thing I will share with you is one of my goals for the year – which is to really make this blog, (my diary) into a picture of my life as a whole.  One quick way to describe myself is that I am a real-estate-dealin’, badass, health-and-fitness-lovin’, impassioned writing,  Jesus Freak.  🙂


So my blog will reflect the way all of these roles come together in this crazy person known as Se7en, Nicki or as I am won’t to say, Just Nics.  i'm silly smiley


So look out for more and I hope to hear from you, as you share too on what your goals and dreams are and we keep each other going.  And hey – can you do me a little favor?

Could you bookmark this blog and check it out regularly and share it with your friends?   After all, the more of us who commit to this journey to be our best selves, the better! 

1931033_10207624477066537_3245812850734549835_nAs I add this little gallery of pictures of my favorite moments from 2015, let me take this opportunity to wish you a guys a Happy and Prosperous New Year – a year filled with love, life, laughter, abundance, health, growth and wisdom.

And, as we say in my native  land of Jamaica, ‘Walk Good!’





Some of my favorite moments from 2015…

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He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Isaiah 40:29

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Ephesians 6:10

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40: 31

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4: 13




















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