better than pocket money – my online friends…

Day 27 – List Three Online Friends You’ve Never Met In Real Life But Hope To Meet Soon

de05c1ee3f4c2f3cd9f93df130b4cc01So it’s Day 27 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge.  I am winding down and I am feeling mixed emotions about it, but I will save my thoughts for another day.  Today’s topic is to list three people you have never met in real life but hope to meet soon.  

This world of social media has really opened up the entire globe for us to connect with people, find commonalities and differences and make friends all around.  We all know that social media has its downside, and that some of our real life relationships can be negatively impacted by it – but the opening up of the world of people to us has to be considered one of its biggest benefits, don’t you agree?

I think it would be an interesting challenge for each of us to look at our friends list on Facebook alone and see how many online friends we have and where they are in the world.  For myself, I have so many, its fascinating to me.

As I have connected with so many different people, for so many different reasons – I have ‘met’ people along the way who really inspire me and these are people I would love to meet one day.  Here are three of them:

10422091_10152398657442058_5524775397099750169_nRoxie Silha – I met Roxie through a church we both used to attend online a few years back –  around 2008 I think.  Potential Church in Cooper City, FL had an online campus and a chat room, as it were, for the members to ‘congregate’ during service.  Pastor Brian even had an online small group using a similar chat room feature.  A really great idea!  Anyway, Roxie and I met in the chat room and became Facebook friends and, although we have never met in person, we are still Facebook friends today.  We don’t know each other well, but I read her posts on Facebook each day.  I have seen her go from being a single mom to meeting the man of her dreams, getting married and building a family together.  I’ve seen her have two more kids and work hard at being a wife and a mom with a strong foundation of God as the rock and center of her life and home.  She inspires me because she has such a heart for God and her family and for others.  She works at making a difference in her community and shining a light for Christ, and is just generally is a woman after God, who I find to be a great role model.  I would love to meet her in person one day.

12112166_942564492482051_6855962555284904917_nKaaren Huffaker – I met Kaaren through an online womens’ prayer group, launched through the Girlfriends in God Ministry.  That was in 2011, I think – we are still Facebook friends today.  Kaaren has a great sense of humor, is a wife after God and I love reading her simple posts about her life in Texas and her crochet work – which always inspires me since I am the least creative person on the planet and am so envious, (I admit it smiley), of her talent.  Although we have never discussed it, I see her pinterest posts and we have many similar interests, so I always read what she shares.  I find her to be funny, an encourager of others and, just a real person with a genuine heart, who is seeking after God and working her way through this life and she just inspires me with her smiling, genuine spirit.  I would really love to meet her.

11150250_976887065677588_7424970571295293303_nCecile Brown Athias – I met Cecile through a real-life friend.  Cecile is one of my bestie’s besties.  LOL.  Cecile met my bestie after I moved away from Jamaica and they became super close friends.  What I find fascinating and love about Cecile is how she embraces others in her life.  She has become an honorary member of my bestie’s family, being as close to them as though she is their own daughter, sister or niece.  She embraced me as her friend’s bestie, who she has never met – but I know I can count on Cecile to share a worry or a joyful moment, pray with me, lift me up and just be a friend.  She has a heart full to the brim of love, it seems, and I love and appreciate that in her.  Cecile founded a Facebook page/community that I believe is a true testament to who she is as a person.  It is called Our Jamaica and is a photographic journey through Jamaica, meeting everyday people as they go about life and asking them to share their thoughts and/or experiences, similar to the Humans of New York concept.  It is a beautiful picture of our country and our people, as they come from all walks of life, and share amazing things in their lives as well as terrible tragedies that they are working to overcome.  It is a MUST-READ and I know that it will open the window of your soul to the true, real beauty of the Jamaican people and to the true, simple beauty of my friend, Cecile.  I have never met Cecile in person – I really hope I get to meet her soon.

So there you have it – my three online friends I would love to meet in real life, because they are very ‘real’ people with a beauty inside of them that helps me in my own journey.  I am so blessed to have made connections with them through this world wide web!

Although we have never met, I know if I needed a friend, I could reach out to any of these women with a heavy heart and they would pause in their life and pray with me and for me and try to lift me up!  I know if I am celebrating something, they would celebrate it with me and encourage me.  I am truly blessed…  I hope I can be even a quarter as inspiring and encouraging to them!!!

God is good, isn’t He?  All the time!  

And all the time – God is good.

0f66a22fe8d9b424a54dcf534129db4eN.B I reached out to these ladies, (all except Cecile, because I decided to take liberty with her LOL), to ask their permission to use their pictures and their names in this post.  They were so surprised to learn that I think of them this way – and I just want to say to you, ladies, that as you go about your every day life, doing your own thing, you are inspiring and impacting people who may never have met you in person, just by virtue of being who you are.  You are amazing daughters of God who are making a difference and you should know that… 

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. ~ Proverbs 13: 20 NIV

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! ~ Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10 NIV

My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God;  on behalf of a man he pleads with God as a man pleads for his friend. ~ Job 16: 20-21 NIV


2 thoughts on “better than pocket money – my online friends…

  1. Kaaren Huffaker says:


    Well now, after reading how Roxie and Cecile have touched your heart and reading your precious words about me, we can’t just be your 3 online friends forever. I know ALL 4 OF US would have a blast together! We might even get into a little mischief together. 😉 You are the one who inspires me! You are so driven and you encourage me to reach for my dreams. You, sweet sister, are a ray of sunshine in my newsfeed! Queen Esther said it best “for such a time as this” and I believe God doesn’t want our time to end, so until we can hug for real, I’m sending you a virtual one straight from Texas.

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