Day 24 – Describe Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Today’s 31 Day Blog Challenge Topic is to describe your most embarrassing moment…

Do I have to pick just one???

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Seriously, I have – let’s just say, a few – I could call to mind…

I am known to be, shall we say, somewhat less than graceful.

Oh, scratch that – I may as well say it – I’m clumsy, ok!!!

There.  I said it – you can laugh now…


But, I will go with my most recent, how’s that?

So, just over a year ago, this happened…  

I shared this awesome experience on Facebook at the time:


‘Oooook now that my sense of humor is back here’s a snippet of my redonkulous day yesterday : pic #1 is of the cute, comfy, sensible shoe I opted to wear to my busy Open House. Pic #2 is of the shoe after the sole/heel/shoe bottom or wha’eva you wanna call it decided to fall off ON MY WAY to the Open House… Pic #3 is of me icing my foot after the big baxide drop I took (‘cuz I’m graceful like that) … y’all feeling me yet???? wink emoticon Pic #4… well pic #4 is my #CurrentSituation… ‘Cuz #Beasts don’t play!’

At least I can laugh at myself, right?  And, I hit up the gym anyway…



Soooo, how do I transform this debacle into a positive, meaningful message? Hmmm…

I guess when you can laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously, you come out winning, no matter what happens.

I mean – Open Houses are usually a little stressful, in the sense that you are rushing to get there and make everything perfect for the Open House event.  So to lose a shoe en route – well, that was almost like the wind going out of my sail.  The fall – well, that was just adding insult to injury – literally!!!

But I went off and rocked that Open House and laughed through it.

We all know bad things are going to happen.  So its not how you handle them if they come – its how you handle them when they come that makes or breaks you.

I have a friend who once fell during a race at Sports Day during High School.  She took a beautiful, to-be-remembered, flying, leaping fall in the middle of the race, in front of the entire school.  It was a truly spectacular moment.   😉

So what did she do?  She stayed down.  They had to send help in to go pick her up and, as our other friend and I rushed towards them carrying her prone body off the field, we desperately asked her still, seemingly lifeless form, “Are you okay?”, when suddenly she winked at us.

No lie – she allowed -engineered, even -herself to be carried off the field as though she’d been seriously hurt, when she wasn’t, in order to downplay the embarrassment.   This may not be the bravest way to handle embarrassment, but it sure as heck was one of the most hilarious! LOL

I’m just saying – lighten up a little.  So you had a moment… Laugh it off.

It’s a moment, not a lifetime.  It’s not the end of the world.  Let it go and don’t let it throw you off your game.  Use it to be even stronger.

That friend of mine had many an embarrassing moment in high school, and the only reason I know about half of them is that she told us about them, after they happened, killing herself with laughter at the experience.  I think she has one of the healthiest ways to handle ‘moments’ such as these…

They say every setback is a setup for a comeback.  It’s true – so keep your eye on the prize, which is far bigger than one embarrassing moment.

Love yourself, flaws, foibles and all, and embrace the odd crazy moments in life – they’re gonna keep coming anyway, so don’t just roll with them – rock them!

“And the man said, “I heard the sound of You in the garden. I was afraid because I was without clothes. So I hid myself.” …”And the Lord God made clothes of skins for Adam and his wife, and dressed them.” Genesis 3: 10, 21 

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me”   Psalm 54:4


“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22 ESV 


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