more than a show heifer…

Day 20 – What Do You Collect.


I am not a major collector of anything.  The only thing I have ever felt a love for and had to own are these two cows, made by a Russian artist, Anatoly Turov.  I love them because they are so bright and colorful, and they make my heart smile when I look at them.

I bought them years ago and at the time, they were the most expensive piece of art I had ever bought.  Although they are not that costly, I couldn’t really afford the indulgence at the time and I had to buy them on a layaway plan.  But I had to have them.  They have since become one of my most prized possessions, in that they are something I would never want to break or lose.

But they are, at the end of the day, just things.  They give me great pleasure to look at and they represent something I saved and sacrificed to buy.  But they are just things – and while I love them, they don’t take any kind of priority in my life over the people, values, situations and things that really matter.

I would rather collect moments with people, share in their joy, love, peace and their sorrow.  I would rather collect memories that cannot break or be lost or stolen.  I would rather collect friends who lift my heart while I lift theirs.  I would rather collect awareness of the impact that I have made in others’ lives.

Money is amazing, food is incredible and shopping – well, I do love shopping..

Hello???  SHOES!!! LOL  

I love my home and I love buying ‘things’ that make it beautiful.  But no thing I can buy can make it a happy home filled with love.  Nothing I can buy can make it a sanctuary where God reigns over my family.  Nothing I buy can make it a place where my family and friends visit and leave renewed and refreshed.

Only God can do that.  Only love can do that.  Only people can do that.  Only my focusing on what really matters can do that.   Only my doing my part in working on the relationships in my life to make them better and better and then best, can do that.

So that is where my collectors’ heart is…

20151009_125805But I do love my cows, and at a recent Serve The City Event I participated in at my church, the crafty members of our team made these little craft animals with the kids, including the little cow you see in this pic, with the missing eye.  I love this little guy too – he is a mixed-up, crazy looking zebra cow and he just makes me think of myself:

 Not always sure if you’re one thing or the other – just perfectly imperfect!

So while I am not a big collector of ‘things’,  I do love my burgeoning cow collection and I’d like to add to it and build it over time.

So if you’re thinking of what to get me for Christmas or anything…  IJS 😉  

5757ea8a7611243edde6738f6be739df“Why are we regarded as beasts, As stupid in your eyes?”  Job 18: 3

He told the people, “Be careful to guard yourselves from every kind of greed. Life is not about having a lot of material possessions.” Luke 12: 15


“The Lord has made these men highly skilled in all trades. They can do the work of jewelers, carpenters, and designers. They know how to embroider violet, purple and bright red yarn on fine linen. They know how to weave yarn on a loom. They can do all kinds of trades. They are master artists.”  Exodus 35: 35


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