Keepin’ It Real…

Day 19 – 5 Blogs I Read Regularly and Why…

433fca2017606381cd836c0b196d64c9Today’s 31 Day Blog Challenge Topic is to name five blogs I read regularly and why.  So, my first introduction to a blog, was my brother’s blog which he had years ago, The Mad Bull Blog.  He has since stopped blogging, but I loved that blog, primarily because my brother, aka Mad Bull, is notoriously quiet.  He doesn’t share that much – not with his family at any rate – about what is going on in his life or in his head.  This is the brother who, when I recently asked him by email what’s been going on with him, he sent me an answer in point form.  I kid you not! LOL.  So his blog was a way for me to get an inside view into his world, as simple as it may have been on one day, or as irreverent as his posts could be on another.  I miss that blog – now I have to rely on the odd ‘point-form’ update.  😉

Now, my favorite blogs are:

Peta-Gaye Nash

An accomplished writer, who has published a collection of short stories, “I Too Hear The Drums”, and a series of children’s books.  She also happens to be my cousin and one of my BFF’s. 🙂  I love her way of weaving words together as she paints a picture in my mind of the event or situation she is depicting and sharing about.  I love her heart, her honesty and vulnerability.  She is one of my inspirations for sure.

Michelle Marie Fit

Michelle is, in my opinion, the number one personal trainer and fitness expert in America!  Her blog is tailored to moms, but is applicable to all women on a mission to reach their best fitness conditioning.  Michelle is one my faves because she shares common-sense tips and great information on weight loss and living a fit and healthy lifestyle in a realistic, balanced way.  She shares that fitness has to be a part of your lifestyle – it has to be a realistic goal, but one we can all reach and adhere to if we prepare and commit.  I learned from Michelle that fitness doesn’t have to be hard, crazy or make you miserable.  You can enjoy your food tremendously, enjoy your workouts and live a disciplined, balanced lifestyle – while living your everyday life, just going about your day.  She has the best information, nutrition and workout tips and programs I have ever seen or tried and she delivers this information in an easy style that we can all relate to.


Heather is on staff at my Church and is a huge source of inspiration to me.  Her way with words is powerful as it encourages and reminds us to lift our eyes up to the Lord at all times.  She offers hope in a world with a lot of darkness, based on Scripture and her own personal experiences. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes raw and vulnerable – her blog is always meaningful and gets right to your heart.


Love her peaceful spirit and conversational style.  She makes me wish I was crafty!  Its something I have always wished I could do – create things.  I am often inspired by what she is working on, but mainly, I just love the look inside her day and the way she tells it.

Glitchy Artist

This is a photographic blog and this is another interest that I wish I was good at.  I find his work incredibly beautiful.  Each picture tells a story, is filled with light, space and texture and will inspire you.

havejoy-inspiring-bible-verses-images-about-love-faith-and-hope-480x640I love all of these blogs because they are written by people who keep it real.  They are just regular people, like you and I, with big dreams or goals, and they share openly what is in their heart, with a view to inspiring others in their own journeys.

“I have given every craftsman the skill necessary to make everything I have commanded you”

Exodus 31: 6 GW


6 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real…

  1. Simply Vanella says:

    Oh my gosh Nicki…thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. They’re so sweet and mean so much to me. Thank You!! I struggle with wondering if I make a difference and your words remind me to keep going!! Hugs to you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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