I Am Awesome, GoshDarnit…

Day 15 – List 10 Things That Make You Awesome

Ever have one of those days when instead of everything going right, everything seems to be going left?  I mean, when instead of things going according to plan, they are going… well, let’s just say, elsewhere?  (My iMac just crashing isn’t adding to my stress level none at all…Noooo, nunca!)

imagesThat’s been my day today and in the midst of a lot of mixed emotions, I get this 31 Day Blog Challenge Topic of listing 10 Things That Make Me Awesome.  Some days, it seems like things are put in your way to make you laugh, right? Okay, 31 day Blog Challenge – you win!!! LOL

I guess it is normal that on some days – you think you are awesome and on others, not so much.  Today is one of my ‘not so much’ days.  But in truth, I think there are some things that make me awesome.  Despite this journey of self-discovery and self awareness that I am on, trying to see the things in my life that were holding me back and needed  to be adjusted, worked on or changed, a major part of the journey is accepting myself, figuring out who I really am and owning and loving who I am.  And that means I also see the good and I see the growth and I think, at risk of sounding a tad too happy with myself, that I am pretty darned awesome! 😉

Here are my Top Ten Things That Make Me Awesome:

Not a failure,  redeemed.  As a God-Follower, although we know the right things to do and ways to live, we get off-track, don’t we?  We fall to sins of the flesh – bad habits, sinful habits, negative talk and behavior, etc.  Sometimes, we are so convicted in our hearts of the things we are doing wrong, that we fall away entirely so as to avoid facing our mistakes.  That is just part of our humanity – it happens to all of us.  I am not making my mistakes out to be any larger than anyone else’s.    What I can tell you is that God chased after me.  God came after me time and time again and pulled me out of my sinful pit and set me on a firm rock to start again.  God showed me in the most literal way that He loves me, despite me.  That He is not finished with me.  That although I have made mistakes, I am not a mistake.  That He has value and purpose for me.  I don’t know about you – but I think that is freaking awesome!!! If He thinks that I am so valuable, well, I guess I am!  And so I am seeking out my value and my purpose, because, gosh dammit, I’m going to live it!!!

Imperfectly perfect.  I am increasingly aware of my flaws.  I am flawed on the outside, but I am more concerned with the ones on the inside – and I am, every day, working on them.  Yet, I know that I am perfect, exactly as I am.  I am lovable, loved, good, kind, heroic, smart, compassionate, powerful, impactful, positive, generous and so much more.  I may not yet have attained the standard I have set for myself in every area of my life, and in some, maybe I never will – but I am striving.  I don’t give in, even when it looks and feels darkest and most futile.  I keep trying.  And I think that is perfectly awesome.

Real, authentic.  They say you should fake it till you make it.  Society tells us to present an image of success to attract success, and there is something to that, I admit.  I just think that it is the right direction if worldly success is what you’re looking for.  And we all want worldly success – but I am so much more interested in succeeding as a person, as a human being, as a child of the ever-living God.   I am more interested in what is really important for success.  I am interested in real people, real emotions, real values, real conversations, real flaws and real strengths.  I am interested in what is real.  So, I try always to be real.  To be authentic.  To make my words match up with my actions.  To be vulnerable.  To be just me.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses.  I work on my weaknesses and I try to use my strengths to my full potential – but I will be real in the process.  I have worldly successbut I strive to be a real success.  So I don’t put on airs.  I don’t pretend.  I try not to hide from my mistakes and weaknesses – I just try to be real.  And I think that is what is really important, really awesome.

f837db309dc892aa891e18835ac958d4Determined.   Because I am human, some days just seem like too much.  Some situations in life seem too hard.  Too unfair.  Too impossible.  Sometimes I feel beat up and defeated by my own self – my own weaknesses and my own missteps.  And I feel like giving up.  That’s just #truetalk.  But my heart is after God.  And I am determined to go there!  To fight.  To get up.  Not Quit.  To never give up.  I have used His strength and my own determination to overcome many obstacles in my short life (okay, so a short life is relative, okay? It’s all about perception 😉  ).  After smoking for 12 years, I quit – no nicorette patch, no nicotine gum.  I just quit.  I will tell you it was the hardest thing I have ever done!  And it took time, trial and error, and determination.  I stopped drinking alcohol because I felt it was holding me back in life.  That takes daily determination in a world where all your friends drink and think you’re just being silly, and why should you miss out on all the fun.   When you know you are being the ‘straight’ one. I feel like I am missing out sometimes, to be honest.  Missing out on some of the fun and enjoyment at a gathering, a concert or whatever.  But its healthier for me this way, I am better able to live out my God-potential this way – and I am determined to live this way.  I am determined to be healthy and take care of myself.  So I exercise great discipline in how I eat and I work out every day in order to be my healthiest self – at least as much as I am able to control.  I am determined to take care of my clients’ best interests, so I do more than I need to do, I fight tooth and nail for them and I work at surpassing their goals and expectations.  I am determined  – and I think that is awesome!

782a699bca6e0e3aa2cc3c352bce8374Encourage, Build.  I know my own life, situation and circumstances.  I know my experiences and my feelings.  These things make me aware of and compassionate towards others.  And that makes me do everything I can to build and encourage others.  I try not to be judgmental.  Well, obviously I am human, so I fall short of that mark all the time.  But I try.  And I try to do what I can to encourage and build others up in their own journey.  To let others know they are not alone.  That they are going through the same life challenges as everyone else – and encourage them not to give up, not to beat themselves up, and to believe in themselves and keep on going.  I recently needed some external input from family or friends for a part of the Bible Study I am doing right now, and my nephew helped me out by answering some questions for me.  One of those questions was to answer how I have added value to his life/helped him to grow.  He answered this:

“The ways are too numerous to count.  Mostly, by reminding me how much I am loved and by giving me great, objective, non-judgmental advice.”   

i'm silly smiley#7FTW  Nothing is more awesome than seeing that you are living out your God-Potential!!!

Give.  I try to give as much as I can to help others.  I am not yet one of these people that can give a building for taking care of the homeless, or some amazing thing like that – I wish!!!  Some people and situations in my life I am struggling to take care of at all, much less.  But I do the best I can…   I try to give of my time and my talents and my treasure when and where I can.  I do love to give, no matter what it costs of me – I take great, great pleasure in seeing someone smile.  But I have also enjoyed and been blessed by people who give to me in different ways, by society, my home country and this new one that I now live in – all have blessed me in different ways.  And I just try to give back, because I have been given much…  I think that’s kind of awesome.

Patient.  I would have to say I am a pretty patient person.  I am patient with others, I allow them time and space to make their decisions, mistakes and successes.  And I support them in the process.  I try not to put my own choices, thoughts or decisions on them and to accept and help them make those for themselves.  I can be impatient about things I want -that’s normal I guess.  But I try not to make long term decisions for short-term reasons.  So if being patient is the best course of action, I will go with that.  I am not perfectly patient – but I am perfectly trying to be.  And I think that counts as awesome.

Caring, Loving.  I care.  I genuinely care about people.  I care about how people feel. I care about their well being. I try to make time to listen, when needed.  I try to understand.  To support and encourage, when needed.  To be honest and objective, when needed.  I genuinely care about people reaching, having and living their best – about people being happy.  About people making a difference.  I care deeply.  I love deeply.  Awesome?  I think so.

13b0987d756c7e82c01d48255dc77afaFun, Funny.  Well, it is MY opinion frankly, that I am HILARIOUS!!! 😉  Seriously, I am a fun-loving person, quick to smile and I love to have a good time and see others having a good time.  I love making people laugh and I think it’s one of the things my friends appreciate about me.  I can, at times, once in a while, be a little, teeny weeny bit crazy (wink: wink) – but I love and embrace my craziness!  What’s the point of being the se7enth child if you can’t be se7en times the crazy??? LOL.  Now some people may think I am corny, hokey or a little too crazy.  Well – I don’t care!  I am HILARIOUS!  That is my story and I am sticking to it and that.is.all!  #Winning

Superwoman.  Anyone who has read my ‘About Me’ or any of my previous posts knows that I am caught up in the number se7en.  And I usually try to keep my ‘Lists’ to se7en things!  But this blog challenge topic calls for ten things, so I had to reach out to some of my family and friends for input, because I am NOT SO AWESOME  at thinking about how I am awesome LOL.  I asked my husband, first, what makes me awesome, but I ran into a little wall there – lol.   After telling me that he is what makes me awesome and a few other, shall we say, random things, ;-), he ended up saying there are far too many things to count.  #goodanswer lol.  So I was having a conversation on another topic entirely with my brother this morning (I have a brother who is a super hero.  I haven’t mentioned him yet, because that is a whole blog post on its own.  I am not going to say he is actually Batman – but let’s just say I have never seen him and Batman in the same room.)  Anyway, so this morning, when I was talking to my brother, he told me, and I quote:

“U are really a superwoman!  I am proud to call u a sister.  And am a little jealous of your superness too, to tell you the truth.”

I know not of what he speaks, but I am going to run with it!!! 1186063-Late-Woman-Running-With-Her-Passport-In-Hand LOL #youwouldhavetoaskhim #noclue #buthappyhethinksso

9478320dbe719520ac662026d835e298I Try.  I think the thing that most makes me awesome comes down to this one thing:

I try.

I know I am not perfect and I know I don’t have it all together and I know I don’t have all the skills, talents, tools and resources to take everything on – but I don’t accept that as being the way things just are and settle for it.  At the moment, I may not be able to do, be, achieve or accomplish something, I may not have done, been, achieved or accomplished something before – but I believe I can, if I try. So I try anyway!  I do my best.

And if I fail, as I often do, I keep on trying.

That’s it then.  That’s all folks!  There you have all the reasons for my #TigerBlood and my #AdonisDNA (you gotta love Charlie Sheen).  I am who I am, and I am proud of me, in all of my very real, authentic, perfectly imperfect ways.  

“I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe.
You have approached even the smallest details with excellence;
Your works are wonderful;
I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.”

Psalm 139: 14 VOICE

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