pet peeve

Day 8 – My Pet Peeve


anti-spitting1Well this blog challenge topic for today is super easy – my pet peeve?


People who spit on the ground in public are the vilest, most disgusting, lowest form of humanity.  Seriously – I mean, have you ever been walking along and the person in front of you turns their head and spits on the ground?

Nothing – I mean nothing – disgusts me more.  I just want to knock their head off with a side swipe!  I don’t care what is in their throat, or their mouth, or their sinuses, that they just need to expel – find a piece of tissue and spit it into that like a decent human being who came from somewhere, and wasn’t born ‘backa cow’, as we say in Jamaica, (behind a cow – born in low means).

Its not just a revulsion to the body fluid that is now on the ground that I need to be sure to step around – it is also seeing the person in the act of spitting that I find so gut-wrenchingly, stomach-churningly nasty and distasteful and lower than low!!!

4-man-spit-thmI am not sure if you can tell that I really have a problem with people who spit?   smiley1

I am admitting up front that I am taking this Scripture out of context a bit, but not really:

“What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

Matthew 15:11 NIV

Jesus was talking about sinful words and behavior, really, but if you think about it – your manners are what come out of you and display the type of person you really are.  We get all caught up with what is perceived to be good or bad, clean or unclean, valuable or unworthy…

But seriously – good manners are more valuable than the greatest wealth – if you didn’t learn them growing up, that is a sad circumstance.  But try to learn them now.  Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and blow your nose and spit into tissue paper.  Please…

newyork_pumpkin_spit_flavoroflove_xlargen.b. I am not even going to address the subject of spitting on another person.  People who would engage in this type of activity are, without question, less than human and deserve no form of acknowledgement whatsoever.  That.Is.All…  #dropsmic #rantover



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