Now Showing – 7 At The Movies

Day Five


My Favorite Movies

So today’s Blog Challenge Topic is what are your favorite movies that you never get sick of watching.  Here is my top 7:

The Sound of Music – my absolute favorite movie of all time.  I love, love, love this movie.  I know every word of every song and will sing each one if and when the spirit moves me… 😉  I guess the reason I love this movie is that it teaches that sometimes we try to ‘fit in’ with what we THINK God is calling us to, when He’s really calling us to something else, often a higher, greater purpose than we could have imagined.  That we need to trust Him and not try to take matters into our own hands, because too often, that leads us in the wrong direction.  Imagine the insanity of Maria Von Trapp being boxed in at a convent all her life instead of taking her role as the step mom and wife that family so desperately needed,  bringing music, love, light and laughter into such darkness…   It teaches that what we think is the more important role is not always the most important role…  Oh – and of course, the music.  Did I mention the music?    😉

To Kill A Mockingbird –  love the book, love the movie!  One of the most important ever made in my opinion. Teaches us that what we perceive of others isn’t necessarily real. That when we let our personal fears, societal values and our personal beliefs ‘tell’ us about another person, we can make bad judgments. Boo Radley wasn’t a bad, scary guy because he kept to himself and Tom Robinson wasn’t automatically a rapist because someone else said so or because of the color of his skin.  To Kill A Mockingbird makes us look at our prejudices and acknowledge that we have them and that our judging of another is not always – make that ‘usually isn’t’ – fair.  That black people are not animals or evil because of the color of their skin. That life is pretty simple – it’s we who complicate it.  I can’t imagine that there is a human being who hasn’t read this book or seen this movie – but if you haven’t, you simply must…

Save The Last Dance – I don’t know why I love this movie quite so much – but I do, and I cannot see it on TV without watching it again.  It crossed racial barriers, it teaches about love, believing in yourself and that sometimes, when we are too weak to believe in ourselves, someone who truly loves us can believe enough for us.   And the dancing…

Sigh!   I was supposed to dance, you know…  😉

Grease – well…  it’s Grease!   #enoughsaid

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers – one of my childhood favorites.   Honestly, I couldn’t have told you what this movie was about – I just have the best memories of brightly colored hoop skirts twirling around as the people danced and sang and that it made me brilliantly happy.  It is a great musical and something I would like to watch again any time I find it on!  I just googled the plot summary and it does seem like a crazy story – so now I REALLY have to watch it again with an adult’s perspective LOL.

images (4)Pretty Woman – well, does this need an explanation?  Knight in shining armor, white horse kind of stuff?  LOL.   Well, it teaches us about watching how we judge people from the outside without getting to know who they really are on the inside.  About treating people well regardless of how they seem, because you just never know.  That love can strike in the most unexpected places at the craziest of times.  And that true beauty and happiness is something that comes from inside a person – it’s a light that shines regardless of their circumstances, background, profession or stature.   It wraps these truths in a bit of a fairy tale – but that’s why I love it!!!!

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane –  Surprise!!! LOL.   I am a bit of a horror movie junkie and this old classic is one of the best!!!  Bette Davis was brilliant in this role and scared the crap out of me.  It’s a movie I will watch  again and again anytime I get the opportunity.

You know – some movies have some great, valuable messages and teach us some amazing lessons.  Some movies are just fun and purely for entertainment.  Curling up on the couch and watching movies is one of my all-time favorite pastimes and something we do often.

I would love to hear what your favorite movies are –  and why…   Maybe I’ll get the names of a few good ones I haven’t yet seen!

Share please…  🙂

God richly gives us everything to enjoy.  1 Timothy 6: 17 NCV

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